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[WGM] Lee Teuk, Kang Sora & Choi Min at Orga Whole Foods

WGM Teukso Shooting Location

Location: ORGA Whole Foods
(Yangcheon-gu, Mok-dong, Seoul)

I was watching TeukSo's WGM when I saw the filming location of Sora's drama. Jungsoo acted for a cameo role, and I swear this episode was hilarious. <3

Anyway, this one is quite difficult to look for. Thanks to the couple for mentioning Mok-dong, and for the establishment name implied in some scenes. :)

Orga Whole Foods is like a market. It sells organic foods that's why it's quite big in Korea. Oh well, we all know that Koreans love organic foods. :) For more information about Orga, visit their official website (in Korean).

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