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[WGM] Lee Teuk & Kang Sora at Soongsil High School

LOCATION: Soongsil High School
(300-88 Sinsa2-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul)

No definite directions but judging it from Google Maps, I think we just have to ride the bus and then get off Saejeol Station and walk from there to Soongsil High School. ^^

credits: Soongsil High School Official Site

I think I will have to go here when I go to Korea. :) I mean, this is where Jungsu studied High School and I want to somehow lay eyes on the institution which contributed much in the realization of his dreams. ^^ Although we know already that Jungsu has been training since high school. HAHAHA

Anyway, other pictures which I think you would love looking at are under the cut! Click Read More!

school photos credit to


For more pictures, click this link. For more information about the school, go to their official SITE. It's in Korean though.

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