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[Hello Baby] Sistar & Baby Kyumin at Handel & Gretel

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Location: Handel & Gretel Cafe
(Yeoui-do, Seoul)

1) take the subway to Yeouido (line 5/9)
2) follow the sign and exit at the exit 4
3) when you get out of the station, turn left (look ahead first so you know which direction you’re going) and go near the giant steel wall
4) walk straight through that pathway and keep going straight until you reach the crosswalk (across is the Yeouido Park)
5) go across the crosswalk(s) (there’s 2) and walk through the park (by this time you can already see the “The # (sharp)” building)
6) walk past all of the basketball hoops and turn into an area (on your left) where there’s two roads, one that is green for joggers and one that is concrete for bikers
7) walk until you get to the bathroom area (other side will have a GS 25 or some sort of convenience store…)
8) cross the street and you’re there! ^-^ don’t forget to go to Sukira as well :)

Directions from National Assembly station, exit 4
1) go down from the station station from the station (go past the building on your right) (DO NOT TURN AROUND FROM THE STATION!!! GO STRAIGHT!!)
2) cross to the side with the big building and loads of flags
3) Turn right, and walk until the crosswalk.
4) Cross the crosswalk to the LEFT (NOT STRAIGHT) and walk down the building side (OTHER SIDE IS KBS PARKING LOT, DO NOT GO THERE)5) A few stores later, it’s Handel and Gretel! :)



Handel and Gretel is the famous cafe of Super Junior Yesung. As it is just like a few pace away from KBS Station, Sistar and Baby Kyumin decided to drop by the restaurant to buy food for DJs EunTeuk. ^^ They were welcomed by Yesung's mom who is really cute and bubbly. hehe. ^^

H&G is one my priority destinations. If possible, I would even want to go there as soon as I get to Korea. You know, upon arriving at the effort, go there straight. :)) If I wouldn't see Yesung or any SJ member, I am hoping to have even a glimpse of Jongjin ^^

For photos, visit this blog. ^^

NOTE: This blog post does not guarantee 100% accuracy. 

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