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(YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL) Park Shin Hye at BCJ Garden

Korean drama You're Beautiful at BCJ Garden

Location: BCJ Garden
(166-1 Changman-ri, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi)


I knew it! When I first watched You're Beautiful, I knew it was that familiar location. :)

So it's the BCJ Garden again. It's another part of the huge botanical garden in Gyeonggi and it is where the female Go Minam descended from the sky. :)) This is also the place where A.N.Jell boys were seducing the statues. haha!

Pictures of the main location under the cut (care of BCJ Garden)

Here's the piece at the top of the fountain.

You'll notice the statue at the first pic in the caps above.

A nice shot of the BCJ Garden

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