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(SHINS' FAMILY) Shin's Family at Rodeo Street

Rodeo Street, in front of Galleria Department Store
(494 Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

Direction: Take Exit 2 Apgujeong Station, Subway Line 3


The place was actually indicated at the end of the video so it's easy to figure out where this is... and yeah, it's in Rodeo Street, Apgujeong.

Apgujeong is like a mecca for shoppers in Seoul. I, as a foreigner, believe that the place can actually be compared to Manhattan in New York. There are a lot of designer stores there, especially in the Galleria Department Store.

Yes, the building where the ever-luxurious Louis Vuitton is settled is called the Galleria Department Store. You can check out their site here. (in Korean)

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