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[LIE TO ME] Incheon International Airport

Location: Incheon International Airport

I am obviously stating the obvious. Haha!

If I ask you to name at least 5 Korean dramas which do not have scenes shot in the beautiful Incheon International Airport, I bet you'll have a difficult time. ^^
Lie to Me is not one of them obviously.

The airport is a common Korean drama filming location because it, itself, is a tourist destination.
It's freaking beautiful and with all my admiration, it even has attractions inside it - a perfect tourism-promoting technique since there are travelers who just stopped over Seoul on their way to another country.
No wonder it's constantly hailed as the Number 1 Airport in the whole world.
Believe me or not, to set foot on this place is one of the many reasons why I really want to go on a tour to Korea!

Cool government is cool, yeah?

For more information, visit their site: Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport 
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