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(49 DAYS) Lee Yeo Won & Jo Hyeon Jae - Coffine Gurunaru (Purple Coffee)

Location: Coffine Gurunaru

This is so difficult to find. ㅠㅠ 
and I'm not even sure if the address I provided is really the one wherein the Korean drama 49 Days was filmed. ㅠㅠ Coffine Gurunaru has a lot of stores and they're all almost identical.

So this is the cafe where Song Yi Kyeong works at night, after being fired from the convenience store. I personally like the layout of this store though I really like the one Han Kang owns (Heaven). The name Coffine Gurunaru is a little weird to me probably because of the term 'Coffine'. I don't want to be reminded of a coffin everytime I drink coffee. 

But thanks to this blog, I learned that COFFINE is a combination of "COFFEE" and "WINE" so I think it is read as /KOFAYN/ not /KOFIN/.

You can find more details about the store in their official site. They also have Twitter: @CoffineGurunaru

Here is a picture of the interior while there's a shoot:

from: @CoffineGurunaru

NOTE: This blog post does not guarantee 100% accuracy. 

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