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(49 DAYS) Jung Il Woo & Nam Gyuri at BCJ Garden

korean drama
photos/caps by SBS and BCJ

Location: BCJ Garden
(166-1 Changman-ri, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi)

Finally!!! I've been wanting to know what place is this since You're Beautiful. haha! So the Heaven's Square in 49 Days is the BCJ Garden. Thank God for the wonderful blogs of the show's PDs that I get to see this. HOHO!

BCJ Garden is actually a botanical place and aside from this square, it has a romantic lake. ^^

Gyeonggi is such a favorite location in Korean dramas. :) And it is just close to Seoul so I think this will be one of the places I should visit when I go there. :)

For more information about the BCJ Garden, visit their homepage.
Pictures under the cut!

photo credits: BCJ

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