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(49 DAYS) Jo Hyeon Jae & Lee Yeo Won at Ando Cafe

Location: Ando Cafe
(Seongbuk-gu, Seoul)

One thing that is difficult about 49 Days is that they do not show the real name of the establishments they use. haha! But no complaints there, I find it actually awkward if they do that. :)

Anyway, so here is the Heaven Cafe which is owned in the film by Han Kang (Jo Hyeon Jae). It is a vital shooting location for the drama as it is the place where Ji Hyeon (when she's Song Yi Kyeong) works.

I don't know if the term 'Heaven' is really there but yeah, this is a vintage cafe, design office, and a furniture gallery in one. It's cute, I swear. The atmosphere of the place makes it comfy to grab a book and read the whole day over a cup of espresso. :)

And the architectural style? It's contemporary. It's pleasant. It's unique. If you watch the film, you'll see that the interior is awesome. You climb the stairs from outside and enter the cafe, then go down the stairs inside for the design office. The gallery upstairs was shown but it was like portrayed as a second floor of the cafe.

And taken from 99heran (I think, she is a staff of the 49 Days Production team), here is my favorite piece in Han Kang's office:


Anyway, if you want more pictures of the beautiful Ando Cafe, you can check these blogs out:

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