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(S.E.O.U.L. MV) Super Junior's Shindong & SNSD's Sunny - Admiral Yi Sun Sin Statue

Admiral Yi Sun Sin Statue
(Sejongno Boulevard, Jongno-Gu, Seoul)

Aside from commemorating the heroism of Admiral Yi Sun Shin, the spot where the statue is erected is a major tourist attraction because of the wonderful fountains that shoot water upwards. It is in Sejongno Boulevard.

A crash course on Korean history from Wikipedia first:
Admiral Yi Sun Shin was a famous naval commander during the Joseon Dynasty. He was best known as the genius commandant, and was acknowledged as so even by his Japanese counterparts - people he actually fought against. One of his greatest legacies was when he led the Korean navy against the Japanese forces on the Battle of Myeongnyang. Under his commands, his fleet became the last one standing after defeating 33 of the 133 warships of the enemy.

Despite the absence of formal naval training, he managed to become one of the legendary admirals of Seoul. He was shot by a single bullet during the Battle of Noryang which led to his death; yet, his fleet apparently managed to drive the Japanese forces away as he was proclaimed as one of the very few admirals in the country who was undefeated in the naval battles they led.

Cool, yes?

I implore you guys to not listen to the dumbness of Luhan who thought Admiral Yi Sun Shin was the bodyguard of King Sejong. LOL. (Haters, that was a joke, okay?)

Basically, this statue is one of the most iconic attractions in the Gwanghwamun Area. Many people who go on tours to Seoul are brought to this place because of its popularity. I mean, I don't think there's any traveler who went to Korea who didn't get to see this. Maybe, there are some but only a few I bet.

In many Korean dramas ever since, this statue is usually seen.
Why not, though? The Gwanghwamun Square is totally beautiful.
And it symbolizes the city.

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