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(S.E.O.U.L. MV) Super Junior & SNSD - Banpo Bridge

Banpo Bridge
(between Yongsan-Gu and Seocho-gu, Seoul)

The Banpo Bridge is better known as the Rainbow Fountain. It was built on top of the Jamsu Bridge because the latter gets submerged in water during high tide. It connects Yongsan and Seocho Districts.
This famous tourist attraction is a beautiful spectacle in the city of Seoul because of the colorful water fountains which gleam astoundingly at night.

For many people who go on tours to Korea, the Banpo Bridge is an ideal destination.
Actually, even for locals, it is a favorite place for dates and bonding moments with friends especially at night.
There is a special area designated for those who wish to see the rainbow fountains up close.
It's actually a park so I assure you that the atmosphere will be totally amazing.

When going to this beautiful place, the closest stations are the Jamwon Station, Gosuk Terminal Station, Banpo Station (Seocho) and the Seonbingo Station (Yongsan).

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