About Manager-Hyung

I have always believed that people don't travel just to relax. They go to different places to see things they find beautiful, to experience cultures they find impressive, and to be someone else in an unfamiliar surrounding. The feeling of satisfaction of being able to do these things is what generates the sense of relaxation - thus making it a mere bonus.

Another belief of mine is that South Korea is a very beautiful country, and the South Korean entertainment industry utilizes it by using it as filming locations for their dramas, music videos, or variety programs. It is a favorable situation, and their country's tourism is the end-benefactor.

And as a fan of everything Korean, I know that it is the dream of so many people - like me - to set foot on South Korea and visit the places in which their favorite actors/actresses or KPOP idols have gone to. 

For that reason, I decided to come up with Manager Hyung.

Inspired by Irev's Coordi-nuna, it is the goal of Manager Hyung to let future travelers like me (YES! I HAVEN'T BEEN TO KOREA!) about the beautiful filming locations of Korean dramas or music videos. This serves as my dream board, my future itinerary, my list of places to go to when I finally set foot in Korea. 

And I am sharing it with you. 

The term "manager hyung" is used by Korean male artists to refer to a male manager; and usually it is their manager who accompanies them to schedules, in different places.

That's what Manager Hyung aims to do. And as this blog is just starting, please give it lots of love and support. I will try to work hard! 

Manager Hyung